KED Global Business Information Reports are affordable, high quality
comprehensive reports giving you access to all of the information you require to
make informed business decisions.

What is in KED Global Business Information Reports?

  • Credit ratings & Limits
  • 3 - 5 years Accounts
  • Directors Information
  • Group Structure
  • Payment Data (where available)
  • Payment Information
  • Payment Information We have now introduced payment data within our reports where available. Payment information is data that we have collected from 3rd party companies who have chosen to share their customer’s payment behavior. These companies will inform us if a particular company pays its invoices on time (each invoice is referred to as a payment experience). By looking at payment information, we can see how many payment experiences that a company has and if they were paid on time. In effect, we are providing a bulk trade reference from different suppliers that can be viewed in an electronic format.

Why use KED Global Business Information Reports?

  • Give your company the best chance possible within the Credit Crunch
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Ensure that you get paid on time
  • Help protect your business against the risk of bad debt