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KED at a glance

Korea Enterprise Data (KED) is a leading supplier of business credit reports on Korean businesses.

Our reports include the most updated credit ratings, financial statements, bank credit, history, and management, etc.

Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT), a government subsidiary was formerly the main Korean provider of credit data and information to financial institutions and other companies. As the need has increased in recent years to better evaluate the credit status of small and medium sized enterprises in addition to large corporations, KODIT decided to spin off this business and transferred it to Korea Enterprise Data (KED), an affiliate.

KED was established on February 22, 2005 with the blessing of the Ministry of Finance and Economy. We started with a capital of KRW 71.7 billion and our shareholders are composed of KODIT, Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO), Korea Development Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Korea Federation of Banks, the Small Business Corporation, and other major commercial banks such as KEB HanaBank, Korea Exchange Bank, Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Daegu Bank, Busan Bank, and Jeonbuk Bank.

On February 28, 2012, the Financial Service Commission announced that it would support KED to become an SME specialized credit bureau through increasing the private bank equity participation rate and sharing business information which Korean banks had been managing.

KED was privatized as of Sep. 2012, through expanding the private bank equity participation rate of 16 existing shareholders.

KED started its international credit reporting service from March 25, 2005 after obtaining the license to conduct credit information business from the Financial Supervisory Services of Korea.

In particular, KED specializes in credit information on small to medium sized enterprises in addition to large sized enterprises, and has the largest database on SMEs in Korea which has been collected and updated by KODIT and KIBO over the past 30 years. KED has a database of 8.0 million companies and this is the largest in South Korea.

We believe that by pooling together the data that some of the shareholders have maintained, KED will be able to build the most extensive and reliable infrastructure and provide more complete credit data and information, both domestically and internationally.