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Thank you for visiting our website.

Korea Enterprise Data Co., Ltd. is a leading credit bureau, which was founded through joint investment by commercial banks and SME-promotion public financial institutions for the government policy to strengthen the "competitiveness of SMEs" by laying foundation for Credit Society in February 2005.

Since the foundation, we have contributed to the growth and development of SMEs, which have played a major role in job creation through creative management, by building transaction environment characterized by evaluation of credit and technology and breaking away from the conventional financial practices focused on mortgage and joint guarantee.

We have operated an objective and transparent credit rating system with the largest database of more than 8.9 million companies and 250 research and evaluation experts in 11 branches across the country.

Using the database, we have provided a variety of services such as real-time search (Cretop), credit evaluation for public sector bids (for Public Procurement Service bids), early warning monitoring (Cretop-EW), real-estate registry information search (Realtop), SME technology and credit evaluation (TCB) and global business information.

We look forward to your interest and support.

Thank you.

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