Credit Report

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MONITORING SERVICE is the speediest and most powerful tool for you to check the deteriorating credit status of your prospective Korean business partners, almost on a real-time basis. This early warning service will help save you from severe financial losses.

KED provides negative banking information on companies registered in Korea. If you register your desired companies in KED Monitoring Service, KED will immediately report negative banking information almost on a real time basis as reportage of Korea Federation of Banks.

Monitoring Service

In Korea, all financial institutions, including banks, credit card companies, securities companies, savings cooperatives, etc., are required to report negative banking information, such as bankruptcy, dishonor of commercial bills, delinquency to pay principal or interest over certain period of time, etc., to the Korea Federation of Banks. KED gives this negative banking information to you through Monitoring Service. You can register thousands of Korean companies for Monitoring Services, and the fee is negotiable.

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